COBRA Webinar – November 2022

Dr. Beth Orcutt (Senior Research Scientist at the Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences and Director of COBRA)

COBRA has a mission to accelerate research on the structure, function, resilience, and ecosystem services of the crustal ocean biosphere to inform decision making, particularly related to deep-sea mining and subseafloor carbon sequestration. One way COBRA aims to accelerate research is through capacity development education programs for early career researchers (ECRs). The centerpiece of COBRA’s education activities is a virtual “Master Class” that provides a paid training opportunity for ECRs to learn deep-sea expedition planning from start to finish. The Master Class is designed to equip participants with the skills and tools to successfully design, propose, execute, and report on deep-sea oceanographic field research with a collaborative, just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive approach. A variety of international subject matter experts provide instruction, broadening the participants’ networks. In this webinar, Orcutt will describe the Master Class and the application process and answer questions from participants.

COBRA Monthly Webinar Series

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