COBRA Activities

The mission of COBRA is to accelerate research on the structure, function, resilience and ecosystem services of the crustal ocean biosphere to inform decision making



COBRA brings together diverse stakeholders to prioritize and plan research

  • Host¬†annual virtual symposia and workshops
  • Organize special sessions and town halls at conferences

  • Distribute biweekly newsletters with news from COBRA participants and partners

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COBRA helps the community accelerate research by leveraging opportunities, supporting research exchanges, and harnessing data

  • Use annual meetings for synthesis and developing new opportunities

  • Leverage telepresence expeditions of our partners

  • Support exchanges of early career researchers between labs

  • Harness data

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COBRA translates research findings for policy-makers, industry, and the public

  • Develop white papers and policy briefs with partners

  • Support attendance at key policy and industry meetings

  • Coordinate info sessions

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COBRA trains the next generation of ocean exploration, science and policy leaders

  • Offer paid trainings and free manuals on deep-sea expedition leadership

  • Educate scientists on how to translate science to policy-makers

  • Recruit early career participants into leadership roles

  • Train K-12 educators to develop hands-on STEM modules

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