COBRA Webinar – November 2023

The Status of Deep-Sea Mining in Norway

Dr. Steffen Leth Jørgensen (University of Bergen)
The Centre for Deep Sea Research at UiB: role and position in the context of deep-sea mining

Dr. Pedro A. Ribeiro (University of Bergen)
An overview of critical science gaps in the opening process for deep-sea minerals in Norway

Dr. Eoghan P. Reeves (University of Bergen)
Evaluating the economic metal inventory of seafloor hydrothermal vents in the Norwegian-Greenland Sea

The opening process for deep-seabed mining in Norway started in 2019 and has now reached a critical stage. Amidst much environmental and economic uncertainty, a political decision may soon determine whether large deep-sea areas of the Norwegian-Greenland Sea will be licensed for mineral exploration. In this webinar we will describe the current status of deep-sea mining in Norway from scientific and economic perspectives. We will also discuss the key role of independent research in scientific knowledge gathering during a future exploration phase.
COBRA Monthly Webinar Series

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